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Find out about my career, travelling adventures, and more.
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How to keep information secure, when transmitted across insecure networks.
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A guide to computer and network security.
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Information about programming, particularly using Python.
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Web Applications

How to build useful and compelling web applications.
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Me as a Bollywood star! Hi, I'm Paul, and I often get called Paj. I live in Manchester, England, work as an IT security consultant, and recently travelled round the world.

I think the Internet is fantastic for sharing information. I learned huge amounts of what I know about computers by reading websites, and continue to use the web daily in my work. I'm keen not to be just a consumer, and this site is my contribution to the pool of knowledge. It mostly covers computer programming and security, and there's a little bit about me too.

If you're just passing through, read the security introduction as everyone who ever uses a computer needs to know this.

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